Uniform Guidelines



EARLY CHILDHOOD, ELEMENTARY, AND MIDDLE SCHOOL DRESS CODE The KIPP DC Dress Code consists of the following regulations:

●  A student must have a KIPP DC uniform shirt on at all times, including Saturday School.

●  Only tan and khaki pants, shorts, and skirts are permitted. (For Preschool, elastic waistbands are required.)

●  Belts must be worn if there are belt loops on the student’s pants, shorts, or skirts.

●  All KIPP DC shirts must be fully tucked in (fully tucked in means the belt or the waist-band is visible).

●  All pants, skirts and shorts must be an appropriate size and fit.

●  Students need to wear comfortable shoes, preferably sneakers or tennis shoes. Shoes must be tied at all times. (For Preschool, Velcro is required, no shoestrings.)

● Skirts and shorts must be worn no more than two inches above the knee.

Students may not wear the following;

●  Jeans/Denim of any color.

●  Pants, shorts or skirts that are not tan or khaki.

●  Shorts or skirts that are more than two inches above the knees.

●  Pants, shorts, skirts, or undershirts that have patterns, lace, polka dots, stripes, holes, or words.

●  Pants that are made of spandex, Lycra, or any other stretch material.

●  Open toed shoes, flip-flops or shoes or boots with high heels.

●  Boots that have excessive fur, laces, or other distracting items.

●  Tight clothing or stretch pants (the student must be able to “pinch an inch” of loose fabric throughout the pants).

●  Sweatpants or wind pants.

●  Pants that sag below the waist.

●  Bandanas.

●  Any makeup that has any coloring.

●  Sleeveless or cut-off shirts, blouses, dresses, tank tops, overalls or jumpers.

●  Earrings that are larger or wider than 1 inch, any type of bracelets, and beaded necklaces (one watch is permitted).

●  Any chains – wallet chains or chains worn as jewelry.

●  Suspenders, either worn properly, down by ones side, or worn as a belt.

●  More than one belt or a belt that does not fit in the belt loops.

●  Brightly colored tights, leg-warmers, knee-high socks or stockings (no fishnet stockings).

●  Non-prescription color contact lenses or non-prescription glasses.

●  Any articles of clothing or accessories that have skulls, Playboy bunnies, or that refer to drugs, sex, or death.

●  Any article of clothing, accessories, or markings on clothes or skin that could be perceived as gang or crew related.

●  Any additional items that the school feels may be distracting to students.

●  Fake tattoos. Additionally, students may not have any tattoos exposed while at school or any KIPP function. If they have a tattoo exposed that has a racist, sexist, or bigoted meaning or alludes to drugs, sex, or violence, they will be suspended

Saturday School Exceptions:

●  Sweatpants and wind pants can be worn only on Saturdays.

●  Shirts do not need to be tucked in on Saturdays.

KIPP DC reserves the right to change or modify the dress code during the year.